How To Take Care Of Whiteboards?

small magnetic whiteboard

While talking of the tools used for different official and personal tasks, one simple yer versatile addition that cannot be ignored is the whiteboards. These whiteboards are a simple yet impressive way of handling several tasks. You will find them in the offices, schools, meeting rooms, seminar halls and in all those places where it is essential to write or note down the things. It is an extended white slate that allows the users to write, draw, list or schedule the important.

The most common use o the whiteboards are there in schools and educational institutions. As you move into your classroom, you will find this extended whiteboard attached to the walls beside the other popular accessories, including the magnetic noticeboard. The former is used to teach the students, but the latter adds notices, information and related details.  To keep up the standard of the whiteboard and add extra life to it,

While working with the whiteboard, it is of utmost significance to take care of the whiteboards properly. The task seems tedious, but if you are managing them properly the things can get better.

Check the instruction manual

The maintenance requirements vary from product to product. Just like the brands, the whiteboards also come in several variations.  While buying the whiteboard, you get an instruction manual along with it too. This not just says how to use it but also mentions how to look after the whiteboard. Make sure to follow these instructions properly. Check which materials can be used to clean the surface and which can damage it.

Erasing solutions

Once you have written a text on the board, you need to clear it afterwards, too. If it is not cleared thoroughly, the signs left behind make working harder. If you know the construction of the board, you must know about the safe cleaning materials too.

Removing the ghost

As you keep writing on the board, the markers, despite being specialized, leave marks and residues on the surface. The residue accumulation reduces the whiteboard gloss. There is a visible difference in the used and unused parts of the whiteboard. This difference creates a situation called ghosting. This refers to the signs of the outlines of the work previously done on the board. Soaking the soft cloth in isopropyl alcohol and water and then cleaning the board with it is the solution to ghosting.

Regular cleaning

Besides time to time erasing, it is important to carry out regular cleaning after every few days. You can use the suggested chemicals or those which fall in the safe category. Never leave the content on the board. Make sure to remove the content as soon as possible. Just like the regular cleaning of magnetic noticeboard needs regular cleaning, so does the whiteboards in melbourne.