Use Of Steel Beams And Steel Columns As Supporting Material

The warehouses and large industrial sectors are often in need of supporting material wares to carry out heavy loads. Manufacturers have come up with idea of using steel framing applications involving steel beams and steel columns to resolve the issue of additional weight lifting barrier. They are innovations that are being equipped in different manufacturing houses updating the support system.

Function and use of steel beams

Steelbeamsare the specialized steel structural steel product widely utilized in multiple workplaces. These structures are available in different sizes, geometry andshapes etc. according to the requirement of the consumer. Conformation is consisted on beam which serves as the main supporting machine. Beam used in the structure can be straight or curved in shape, checked for their stiffness and strength prior to practical use.

The main function of steel beamsis to aid in support to carry loads from one place to other. They are actively involved in building up the house roof infrastructure and house pillars. Apart of providing intensive support, steel beams are being used to protect the buildingor any other place from the harsh side effects of harsh weather avoiding damage and corrosion. Use of steel beam has easily shortened the burden over the man force to handle and carry the heavy weights during transportation. The benefits achieved by the use of steel beams include:

  • Act as a perfect supporting carriage for heavy objects
  • Are resistant to heat, chemicals, insect act, fire tec.
  • Provides excellent tensile strength during activities
  • Can be self-customized based on costumer’s preferences

Function and use of Steel columns

Steel columns are similar rectangular vertical structures made up of steel that assist in carrying overweight loads. These are also an important and among the most utilized construction devices. Columns are used in manufacturing business that support and carry heavy objects from floors, ceilings, slabs, walls and roofs etc.These steel columns are also available in carbon or aluminium coated materials that vary in sizes, shapes, structures and conformations of the column etc. They are low strength as well high tensile strength steel columnsthat are built to carry different weighted objects.Like wise as steel beams, adjustable steel columns are evidently utilized in a great numberin construction houses. They offervariety of benefits like

  • Acting as a perfect structural platform
  • Is stiff, strength and non-breakable in contrast toweak supports
  • Assure high safety maintenance of goods loaded over it
  • Cost-effective and long term sustainability

A high demand of structural steel frames is the need of time to generate a solution of carrying weighted products. Therefore, steel borne structural devices like steel columns are formulated which aid as supporting materials that can easy down human work.


Steel beams and steel columns are the structural carriersthat have minimize the worker load to a much greater extent.Many materials are frequently opted to make beams and columns however; steel is the best option considering its durability and long term service.Both steel beams and steel columns are found in different areas that need supporting action to maintain a correct posture and working.